Fauna Classifieds

Here is a great website to search for reptiles, supplies, enclosures, live food and more.  While I want folks to buy my baby dragons, obviously I can't supply all the dragons that are needed!  My word of advice is:  BUY YOUR DRAGON FROM A REPUTABLE BREEDER!  Most folks wouldn't buy a puppy from a big-box pet store.  If you wouldn't buy a puppy there...don't buy a dragon!  

The Cage Company

I have one of their lovely custom units in my living room housing two of my dragons.  I am impressed with the quality, workmanship and professionalism of this company.  If you are looking for enclosures that will compliment any room while providing an excellent home for your reptiles, this is your guy!

Resources and Links

Great Lakes Hornworm

​​I buy hornworms on a regular basis to feed my dragons.  My dragons LOVE them.  I'm extremely happy with the quality of products I get from this Great Lakes and the customer service is excellent.  You can also buy crickets and superworms too!

The Cactus Guy

Spineless cactus - my dragons LOVE it! It's loaded with nutrients and a great source of moisture for desert animals. Great for uromastyx, turtles and other reptiles too!  It keeps in the frig for months!

Dove Valley Animal Hospital

Dr. Mike Kiedrowski is the exotics specialist I use for all my reptiles.  He is straightforward, extremely talented and takes the time to educate.  I trust him with my babies.