I believe that studying and learning about these animals is the best way to achieve my long term goals.  I'm always open to new information and suggestions.



My goal is to produce healthy, tame dragons that will make wonderful family pets and provide information to be sure all dragons are healthy and happy.


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I act as a resource educate dragon owners on the following subjects:

  • Feeding
  • Housing
  • Health


This is a list of some of the vendors whose services I use.  It includes my hornworm supplier, cactus supplier and the best exotics vet I've found.

Keep your dragons (and other lizards) safe from loss or falls when you take them out.  They enjoy the benefits of stimulation and sun while you are assured of their safety.

  • Healthy parents
  • Hand raised in my home
  • Tame
  • Eating pelleted food
  • Collar trained





​About the Breeder

I’ve been a reptile lover from the age of nine.  I’ve kept and/or bred numerous types of reptiles over the years including: chameleons, crested geckos, anoles, monitors, skinks and even poison dart frogs.  I consider the inland bearded dragon to be my all-time favorite reptile pet.  They are alert, curious, attractive, lazy and enjoy attention.  I’ve been breeding them as a hobby for several years and have successfully raised lots of baby dragons.  I do it for sheer enjoyment of working with the animals as well as the satisfaction of seeing my dragons as beloved pets.  I consider it my mission also to help educate people on the proper care and feeding of these special reptiles.  I want all dragons to be healthy and happy.

I don't take much interest in the "morph du jour" so you won't find any wilbits or zeros here.  These specialty morphs, while interesting, are simply too exotic for people looking for a pet dragon.  I do have a special love for red beardies and concentrate on breeding  the brightest, healthiest reds with the sweetest dispositions.    

I consider it my responsibility to provide healthy animals old enough and strong enough to manage the stress of moving to a new home and being handled.  To that end, I usually rehome babies no younger than two months old after they have been tested and treated for the most common internal parasites.  (I am not a vet, just a knowledgeable hobbyist.  However,  I do my best to be sure my babies are healthy.)   

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