‚ÄčTop:  Mirada's first clutch of eggs.

Bottom:  Candling the egg after 36 hours shows it is fertile.  The beginning of the baby's circulatory system is clearly visible.

Interested in a Dragon?

Please contact me with some basic information.  Do you want a baby, juvenile or adult?  Do you have a preference for sex? Looking for something special like hypo, translucent, leatherback or silkback?  

Please give me as much information as you can about what you are looking for and the best way for me to contact you.  Do you want photos by email or text?  When is the best time to contact you.  I am in Goodyear, Arizona at GMT -7...so be sure to give me a time and timezone unless you want a call at ten p.m. :)

Sufficient space, good quality food and real sunshine all contribute to the reproductive success of my animals.  Happy healthy adults produce happy healthy babies.  By limiting the number of babies I produce, I'm able to spend adequate time with each baby to ensure it is tame and ready to go to its' new home.

Just a note to say I got the collar, and it is beautiful....Thanks.

Got my package of goodies today, and I love all of the collars and lanyards!!! ... I'll be needing some juvenile collars when my babies get big enough.

I raise each baby as if it was going to be MY pet!


There are plenty of reputable bearded dragon breeders producing pet dragons.  When I decided to breed my Sydney, I had one goal in mind.  Produce a small quantity of high quality dragons that are healthy, tame and ready to be wonderful pets.  In order to accomplish this goal, I have developed a set of guidelines that I follow for the care and maintenance of my breeding animals. 

Housing:  I keep each adult dragon in its' own cage of adequate size.  (Most of my adults are in 48"x28"x28" Vision cages.)  
Vegetables:  All my dragons are fed the highest quality vegetables and spineless cactus daily.
Insects:  I raise my own dubia roaches and superworms, plus I buy high quality hornworms and silkworms to provide a varied diet.
Supplements:  They are provided with all the necessary supplements, calcium and vitamins on a regular basis.
Sun:   They are taken outside for real sunshine and mental stimulation.
Love:  Each dragon gets daily attention. 

I believe that keeping my dragons in these conditions puts them in the best position to produce healthy, happy youngsters.